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Printable Class Schedule - May Aqua Barre - May Aqua Yoga - May Aqua Volleyball Fall Proof Workshops - May 14 Fit Kids - May Small Group Training - May SomaYoga - 6 weeks - April - May Tai Chi Part 1 - 6 weeks - May-June Tai Chi Part 2 - 4 weeks - May
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Move It to Lose It

Move It to Lose It is for all ages and fitness abilities who want to improve their physical health, adopt healthy habits, and improve body composition. Classes meet twice a week, focusing on cardio, core strength and total-body strength using a variety of equipment.

Cardio Strength

Aerobics Studio

Cardiovascular exercises are mixed with strength and resistance work. This class combines interval and circuit training and uses a variety of equipment or just bodyweight. All fitness levels and abilities […]

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